BodyICE Heat and Ice Packs

BodyICE Heat and Ice Packs
BodyICE Woman Product Overview:
The BodyICE Woman range is a collection of stylishly designed remedial ice or heat packs, just for ladies.
Whether you’re recovering from breast surgery, have aching breasts, suffering from painful engorgement, blocked milk ducts or a swollen perineum the BodyICE Woman Maternity and Breast Care range provide calming relief during the recovery stages after surgery, pre and post childbirth and throughout the breastfeeding journey.
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BodyICE Woman Breast Pad - ice or heat
Breast Pads The BodyICE Woman breast pads have been designed to fit comfortably inside the bra and ..
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BodyICE Woman Maternity Care
Pregnancy and childbirth can have its uncomfortable moments but fortunately there are natu..
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BodyICE Woman Perineum Strip
Perineum Strip The BodyICE Woman perineum strip has been purposely designed to treat the perineal a..
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