Core Prenatal Heart Listener

Core Prenatal Heart Listener
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Core Prenatal Heart Listener 

Core Prenatal Heart Listener. Now you can enjoy the excitement of hearing your baby's first sounds - in your own lounge room! Hear, Record, and E-mail your unborn baby's little kicks, soft hiccups, and rapidly beating heart in the privacy of your own home. With This Brand New CORE Prenatal Heart Listener you'll be able to listen to these sounds with your spouse, siblings, and friends by the beginning of your third trimester! With this deluxe sounds listening kit, you can also share your joy with distant relatives and friends. Included a special recording cable so you can record and e-mail your baby's sounds, a fetal microphone for talking to your newborn baby and a fetal speaker for playing music. Thrill to the sounds of your baby's tiny heartbeat with the fetal monitor microphone. From approximately the 5th month of pregnancy you and you loved ones can share the clear heartbeat of a healthy baby, along with the occasional hiccup, or perhaps some other unmentionable noises!

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